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The Grand Crayon-yan

Project completed at Regis University in an introduction to sculpture class in 2021 under the advisement of
Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

Artist Statement

This project was completed in two phases.

The first phase was intensive material research inspired by artist, Richard Serra and his lists of action verbs. I chose five different objects and preformed different actions on them and recorded their results. Immediately, I was drawn to pigmented wax, more specifically crayons. 

See entire phase one process documentation here

Phase two consisted of creating a sculpture with my new found material, crayons. Melting the crayons and watching the swirls of color intermingle reminded my of the layering of rocks. I decided to run with these results and create a topographical inspired representation of the Grand Canyon using the structure and pigments of the melted crayons on paper to form the walls.  

See entire phase two process documentation here 

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